Find out what makes South Pacific Seeds your best choice for wholesale seed distribution.

We’re the leading seed company in Australia.

South Pacific Seeds was established in 1986. It was founded by a group of former Yates Seeds employees. From the outset the company sought to specialise in servicing the Australian vegetable seed market as well as producing seed on a contract multiplication basis for a wide range of overseas seed houses.

SPS achieved early rapid growth in both of its core business units. This came about by servicing the domestic market needs with varieties adapted for the local market supported by an ongoing extensive trialling program. At the same time SPS extended its range of production crops grown and areas to cater for an increasing worldwide demand for quality seed production.

Following on from the success of the company’s Australian seed distribution business it was decided to apply the same business model in New Zealand. SPS commenced a new company in New Zealand in 1997. The result now is that SPS has become a leading supplier of commercial vegetable seeds in both countries.

As was the case of its seed supply business SPS was inspired by its success in Production to broaden its horizons to other locations. Such that now SPS has Seed Production companies in USA, New Zealand and Chile. The broad spread of areas means that SPS can virtually produce the full range of vegetable seeds.

GMO Notice

South Pacific Seeds declares that all the vegetable varieties which it is either supplying for commercial sale or as samples have been bred and produced using traditional breeding methods. South Pacific Seeds does not have any varieties either for sale or for trialling which are genetically modified. For the foreseeable future we do not expect to release any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

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GMO Notice

Approved Supplier Notice

In response to our customers requesting details for the Approved Supplier status as part of their Quality Assurance program South Pacific Seeds wishes to confirm it is accredited by the peak industry body, the Australian Seed Federation for the Code of Practice for Seed Labelling and Marketing. You can download a copy of our certificate below.

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Code of Practice for Seed Labelling
and Marketing