Lettuce - Iceberg


  • Very large, slow maturing Iceberg lettuce
  • Dark green frame
  • Suit cooler weather harvest


  • Large square Iceberg lettuce
  • Warm to hot season harvest
  • Good size and uniformity with low internal core

Icehouse 2

  • Large frost tolerant Iceberg type
  • Big frame with sure heading ability
  • Suited for mid to late winter harvest

Igloo Nr

  • Cool season variety with upright habit
  • Very big frame and sure heading ability
  • Excellent colour and volume


  • Larger, dark green Roundhouse type
  • Uniform head formation with good weight
  • Large frame with upright habit


  • Large-framed Iceberg lettuce with a clean flat butt
  • Glossy, dark green colour
  • Suited for winter harvest in WA/QLD

Lettuce Aphid Nr (0)


  • Sure heading with good uniformity
  • Large round heads and good tipburn tolerance
  • Mid-late maturing and low internal core

Kong Nr

  • Large-framed lettuce with solid heads
  • Dark green colour
  • Sure-heading and very uniform

Roundhouse Nr

  • Traditional Australian large Iceberg style
  • Autumn/spring harvest
  • Upright habit reducing risk of lower leaf rots

Sandpiper Nr

  • Dark green Iceberg lettuce for late summer/early autumn harvest
  • Early to fill, good size and uniformity
  • Low internal tipburn
Lettuce Downy Mildew

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