Tomato - Roma

Field Determinate


  • High quality determinate roma for ground production
  • Firm glossy uniform large blocky shaped fruit with tidy stem scar
  • Strong but compact plant offers excellent cover and high yield potential


  • High quality determinate bush roma for ground production
  • Medium sized blocky shaped fruit with tidy appearance
  • Compact plant with excellent cover and yield potentia

Field Indeterminate


  • Indeterminate roma, 100-120g av. fruit size
  • High yield potential with good uniformity
  • Great disease package with good wet weather tolerance


  • High quality indeterminate roma with extensive disease package
  • Uniform plum roma shape with medium large size and tidy appearance
  • Good tolerance to weather marking under difficult trial conditions


  • Vigorous indeterminate field roma with tapered pear shape
  • Extra large fruit size with tidy blossom end
  • High yields and consistent performance over many years


  • Vigorous indeterminate roma type
  • Extensive disease package
  • Good uniformity and weather tolerance



  • Indeterminate roma for greenhouse production
  • Uniform firm fruit averaging 110-140g
  • Tolerance to marking with an ability to set quality fruit under humid autumn conditions


  • Saladette/roma type for low tech greenhouse production
  • Good heat set ability with an extensive disease package
  • Suit late spring to late summer plantings


  • Medium large saladette popular with Sydney growers
  • Smooth attractive shape with very good uniformity
  • Good tolerance to blossom end problems
Disease Codes

Disease Information
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The information provided is based on an average of data and observations collected from our trials. Significant variations may occur in the performance due to a range of conditions including cultural/management practices, climate, soil type and geographic location. As a consequence South Pacific Seeds cannot accept any liability as to the accuracy of this information. ACN 002 887 256